Our company

Founded in 1989, Modern West (License # 567672) is a client-centric, community-minded landscape construction company, specializing in commercial and high-end residential projects throughout Southern California. From office buildings to shopping centers to one-of-a-kind special projects, we deliver world-class landscape construction solutions our clients have come to trust. Strategic planning, innovative craftsmanship, fiscally responsible management practices and open communication with clients, we have the experience and expertise to create the kind of breathtaking outdoor spaces your project deserves.


Build with Trust

With 25 years in landscape construction, we know what it takes to transform a space -- to fully comprehend the unique challenges and
complexities each project presents and still create the amazing design-build solution you need.

Build with Partnership

Maintaining what’s trending isn’t innovative.
Maintaining clients’ day-to-day operations while under construction is. As a partner, we achieve your goals without impeding on your business.

Build with Community

We believe that in order to deliver the best quality for our clients, we must be mindful of the impact on the larger community. From minimizing how construction affects daily life to the leaving behind something far more beautiful for the community, we deliver exquisite results with unique, sustainable solutions to benefit all.

Our Process

No two projects are ever exactly same in scope, but our process allows us to effectively identify, evaluate and address the critical pathways of success for our clients. We openly manage and communicate the pivotal details of a project with our clients and remain transparent every step of the way from concept to completion.

We handle: budgets, schedules, material orders, permit acquisitions, overall team and project performance, production standards -- material and build quality, completeness, and conformity to plans and specifications.


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Preliminary Design and Budget

Upon your approval, we prepare a preliminary design plan with an outline of the preliminary costs of construction. It’s at this time, you have the option to approve and move forward, or request a change in design. This cost breakdown can also be presented to a lender when requesting financial support.

Permits & Entitlements

We begin the process of obtaining building permits, which includes zoning, property line and street frontage setbacks, parking requirements, architectural review, and so on. On your behalf, we meet with and negotiate with the city planning and zoning members to accelerate the process through to approval as part of the entitlement process. With greater complexities, this may include meetings with discretionary approval  boards, such as the Board of Architectural Review, Planning Commission and even City Council or Board of Supervisors.


We map out the design with relevant engineers, defining all project dimensions more concretely, establishing structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing/irrigation systems, soil and drainage issues and parking logistics, not to mention obtaining a Title 24 energy report.


We finalize all project dimensions, including any engineered drawings. Any additional notes by the client are added to the plan along with entitlement approval documents. The drawings are tabulated, checked, indexed and prepared for submittal. No detail is missed.

Building Permit Issuance

When the permit is ready to be issued, you will be asked to pay all required fees. Any subcontracted work will established by this time, thus, allowing us to finalize the construction budget and prepare the Final Construction Contract to be signed by you, the client.


With every completed build, we review the entirety of the work with the client to ensure total satisfaction, document your feedback and address any comments or questions you may have.  


Meet the Core Team

With nearly 25+ employees, Modern West is led by its core team of industry-leading professionals. Each Modern West Core Team member understands how to not only bring a project to life but manage its success every step of the way. Take a moment and see who may be potentially leading the charge of your next project.

Scott Nuschy

With an unmatched level of expertise and design sensibility, Scott Nuschy has been developing and constructing innovative outdoor living spaces throughout Southern California for over thirty years. Having built one of the first companies in San Diego to combine swimming pool buildings, hardscape and landscape, it’s no wonder the phrase “outdoor living spaces” is said to have actually been coined by Scott. In his own words, "we built this company on excellence in every phase of the construction process, providing nothing less than the very best service and product around. That’s why our clients come to us.” Its long history and growing legacy draws the greatest sense of pride in Scott as he continues to build the company’s stellar reputation.

Kiernan Short

Kiernan, a San Diego native, brings a deep passion and commitment for precision in all things. After more than a decade in exemplary construction project management, Kiernan has managed and coordinated construction projects large and small on both sides of the fence — commercial and residential, including the multi-million dollar construction of The Ritz Carlton pools, spas and water features project. Possessing a profound sense of form and function, detail and delivery, strategy and safety, Kiernan sees these projects as opportunities to develop businesses and engage communities in the same sweep, one that requires true dedication to his craft. He often says, “if you didn't do it right the first time, you either have a failure in planning or patience. And if you can’t do it right the first time, you have no business in our business.” 


OUR EXperts are here to guide you through all phases of your project

With 25 years in landscape construction, we know what it takes to transform a space -- to fully comprehend the unique challenges and complexities each project presents and still create the amazing design-build solution you need.

Start today with a free consultation and let our team of experts guide you through all the aspects of you landscape project.

760-635-2512 or info@modernwest.com